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Based on kernel version 3.19. Page generated on 2015-02-13 21:19 EST.

2	  Submitting devicetree (DT) binding patches
4	I. For patch submitters
6	  0) Normal patch submission rules from Documentation/SubmittingPatches
7	     applies.
9	  1) The Documentation/ portion of the patch should be a separate patch.
11	  2) Submit the entire series to the devicetree mailinglist at
13	       devicetree@vger.kernel.org
15	  3) The Documentation/ portion of the patch should come in the series before
16	     the code implementing the binding.
18	II. For kernel maintainers
20	  1) If you aren't comfortable reviewing a given binding, reply to it and ask
21	     the devicetree maintainers for guidance.  This will help them prioritize
22	     which ones to review and which ones are ok to let go.
24	  2) For driver (not subsystem) bindings: If you are comfortable with the
25	     binding, and it hasn't received an Acked-by from the devicetree
26	     maintainers after a few weeks, go ahead and take it.
28	     Subsystem bindings (anything affecting more than a single device)
29	     then getting a devicetree maintainer to review it is required.
31	  3) For a series going though multiple trees, the binding patch should be
32	     kept with the driver using the binding.
34	III. Notes
36	  0) Please see ...bindings/ABI.txt for details regarding devicetree ABI.
38	  1) This document is intended as a general familiarization with the process as
39	     decided at the 2013 Kernel Summit.  When in doubt, the current word of the
40	     devicetree maintainers overrules this document.  In that situation, a patch
41	     updating this document would be appreciated.
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