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Based on kernel version 3.15.4. Page generated on 2014-07-07 09:02 EST.

1	Device tree binding vendor prefix registry.  Keep list in alphabetical order.
3	This isn't an exhaustive list, but you should add new prefixes to it before
4	using them to avoid name-space collisions.
6	abilis	Abilis Systems
7	active-semi	Active-Semi International Inc
8	ad	Avionic Design GmbH
9	adi	Analog Devices, Inc.
10	aeroflexgaisler	Aeroflex Gaisler AB
11	ak	Asahi Kasei Corp.
12	allwinner	Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd.
13	altr	Altera Corp.
14	amcc	Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (APM, formally AMCC)
15	amd	Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc.
16	amstaos	AMS-Taos Inc.
17	apm	Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (APM)
18	arm	ARM Ltd.
19	armadeus	ARMadeus Systems SARL
20	atmel	Atmel Corporation
21	auo	AU Optronics Corporation
22	avago	Avago Technologies
23	bosch	Bosch Sensortec GmbH
24	brcm	Broadcom Corporation
25	buffalo	Buffalo, Inc.
26	calxeda	Calxeda
27	capella	Capella Microsystems, Inc
28	cavium	Cavium, Inc.
29	cdns	Cadence Design Systems Inc.
30	chrp	Common Hardware Reference Platform
31	chunghwa	Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.
32	cirrus	Cirrus Logic, Inc.
33	cortina	Cortina Systems, Inc.
34	crystalfontz	Crystalfontz America, Inc.
35	dallas	Maxim Integrated Products (formerly Dallas Semiconductor)
36	davicom	DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc.
37	denx	Denx Software Engineering
38	digi	Digi International Inc.
39	dlink	D-Link Corporation
40	dmo	Data Modul AG
41	ebv	EBV Elektronik
42	edt	Emerging Display Technologies
43	emmicro	EM Microelectronic
44	epfl	Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
45	epson	Seiko Epson Corp.
46	est	ESTeem Wireless Modems
47	eukrea  Eukréa Electromatique
48	excito	Excito
49	fsl	Freescale Semiconductor
50	GEFanuc	GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems, Inc.
51	gef	GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems, Inc.
52	globalscale	Globalscale Technologies, Inc.
53	gmt	Global Mixed-mode Technology, Inc.
54	google	Google, Inc.
55	gumstix	Gumstix, Inc.
56	haoyu	Haoyu Microelectronic Co. Ltd.
57	hisilicon	Hisilicon Limited.
58	honeywell	Honeywell
59	hp	Hewlett Packard
60	i2se	I2SE GmbH
61	ibm	International Business Machines (IBM)
62	idt	Integrated Device Technologies, Inc.
63	iom	Iomega Corporation
64	img	Imagination Technologies Ltd.
65	intel	Intel Corporation
66	intercontrol	Inter Control Group
67	isee	ISEE 2007 S.L.
68	isl	Intersil
69	karo	Ka-Ro electronics GmbH
70	keymile	Keymile GmbH
71	lacie	LaCie
72	lantiq	Lantiq Semiconductor
73	lg	LG Corporation
74	linux	Linux-specific binding
75	lsi	LSI Corp. (LSI Logic)
76	marvell	Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
77	maxim	Maxim Integrated Products
78	microchip	Microchip Technology Inc.
79	mosaixtech	Mosaix Technologies, Inc.
80	moxa	Moxa
81	mpl	MPL AG
82	mxicy	Macronix International Co., Ltd.
83	national	National Semiconductor
84	neonode		Neonode Inc.
85	netgear	NETGEAR
86	newhaven	Newhaven Display International
87	nintendo	Nintendo
88	nokia	Nokia
89	nvidia	NVIDIA
90	nxp	NXP Semiconductors
91	onnn	ON Semiconductor Corp.
92	opencores	OpenCores.org
93	panasonic	Panasonic Corporation
94	phytec	PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
95	picochip	Picochip Ltd
96	plathome	Plat'Home Co., Ltd.
97	powervr	PowerVR (deprecated, use img)
98	qca	Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.
99	qcom	Qualcomm Technologies, Inc
100	qnap	QNAP Systems, Inc.
101	raidsonic	RaidSonic Technology GmbH
102	ralink	Mediatek/Ralink Technology Corp.
103	ramtron	Ramtron International
104	realtek Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
105	renesas	Renesas Electronics Corporation
106	ricoh	Ricoh Co. Ltd.
107	rockchip	Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd
108	samsung	Samsung Semiconductor
109	sbs	Smart Battery System
110	schindler	Schindler
111	seagate	Seagate Technology PLC
112	sil	Silicon Image
113	silabs	Silicon Laboratories
114	simtek
115	sii	Seiko Instruments, Inc.
116	sirf	SiRF Technology, Inc.
117	smsc	Standard Microsystems Corporation
118	snps 	Synopsys, Inc.
119	spansion	Spansion Inc.
120	st	STMicroelectronics
121	ste	ST-Ericsson
122	stericsson	ST-Ericsson
123	synology	Synology, Inc.
124	ti	Texas Instruments
125	tlm	Trusted Logic Mobility
126	toshiba	Toshiba Corporation
127	toumaz	Toumaz
128	usi	Universal Scientifc Industrial Co., Ltd.
129	v3	V3 Semiconductor
130	via	VIA Technologies, Inc.
131	voipac	Voipac Technologies s.r.o.
132	winbond Winbond Electronics corp.
133	wlf	Wolfson Microelectronics
134	wm	Wondermedia Technologies, Inc.
135	xes	Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)
136	xlnx	Xilinx
137	zyxel	ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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