Flash 9 Final Released for Linux

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 ~ 10:48 pm by Mauriat Miranda

Although there is no update on the official Linux Flash Blog from Adobe, it does appear that a final NON-beta version of the Flash 9 Plugin has been made available for Linux.

The release version is 9,0,31,0 (the last beta was on Nov 20, 2006).

So update!!!

Fedora Users: The official Fedora Flash repository has not been updated. However if you pick:
Option 2: .rpm
Download the Flash Player .rpm for Linux

Install it simply with:

rpm -ivh flash-plugin-

And restart your browsers!

Updates: 1/17/2007:

Both the blog the repository have been updated!

2 Responses to “Flash 9 Final Released for Linux”

  1. Mauriat Says:

    Cool, the cut and paste works with GTK2 apps. Never noticed before.

  2. hari Says:

    could u explain how to install flash player for 64 bit version