MPlayer RC2 Released

Monday, October 8th, 2007 ~ 10:52 pm by Mauriat Miranda

The MPlayer team released RC2 of the multimedia package. The last release RC1 was almost 12 months ago. The changes are typical: newer support of less significant codecs, major optimizations and improvements on more popular codecs. This release has a great deal of work done on streaming (Live555).

I don’t know if we will ever see an official 1.0 release, however it seems unimportant as everyone probably should just be updating their “snapshots” of MPlayer ever 3-4 months so they don’t have to wait 14 or 12 months.

I took this as an opportunity to update my MPlayer compile guide for Fedora. I do not recommend compiling from source, but I myself prefer doing it. For the more practical users, most repositories should be coming online soon with updates for yum. Simply run:

# su -c ‘yum update mplayer’

I’ve checked Livna, FreshRPMs and ATrpms, none seem to have the update yet. So yum users will have to wait.

2 Responses to “MPlayer RC2 Released”

  1. cocobear Says:

    I don’t like compile from source code, because my computer is too slow to do this.

    Appreciate your work.

  2. Drew Says:

    I still can’t find mplayer RC2 in a repository. Do you know of one that has RC2? Also, what is this yum bizness?