The Little Things Add Up

January 14, 2012 ~ 09:44pm

A year ago today, I quit my job of over 6 years. In the 12 months following, so many things both positive and negative occurred that I can't honestly decide if it was a good year or a bad one. The only certainty is that it will forever influence my life.

When I think about any of the situations I faced last year, I realize that either I was ready or not. Everything I had done up to a certain point prepared me for it. This maybe obvious in a job scenario, but it applies equally well to health issues or personal matters. It really isn't an excuse for someone to say that they didn't have time to prepare. Every day we automatically prepare ourselves for tomorrow.

I don't have any advice or motivational message here. Just that when I pause and look back I know I'm glad I did do some things correctly and took care of myself. And when the situation was bleak, only then do I begin to see the negative things left to fester.

The little things, good or bad, they all add up.

Happiness and 5 Dollars

December 21, 2010 ~ 03:06pm

If a child got $5 they might be excited to buy them self a candy bar. Or a teenager with $50 would get the latest XBox game? Maybe a college kid getting $500 would pay for their spring break to Mexico? I could go on, but in every case you see someone who is restricted by some cost which, when overcome, would make them happier or provide some momentary gratification.

I'm having difficulty in figuring out what that is for me. I'm not saying I'm rich, but have come to realize that further contentment won't be achieved for me through financial means. Which makes life difficult for me (yeah poor me). In the past few years I've totally curbed my materialistic cravings. Not that I don't "have" stuff, just that at times I almost feel like I'm forcing myself to go for a well deserved splurge. I know it's perfectly healthy to "want" but what do you do when you don't know what to want?

And this "problem" (if you call it that) manifests itself in other ways. It might become easy to care less about your career or your health when you know realistically that continuing your default course of action will still make you much better off than most people. All I can say is that life without some challenge to overcome is almost pointless.

Hopefully I don't come across as some self-medicating blogger. I really shouldn't complain when the truth is that I live a really nice life. But I just know that there must be something I really want to "buy" that I don't have the "means" to pay for. What that is and how to obtain it are a total mystery to me.

On Philanthropy

March 26, 2010 ~ 10:47pm

From reading Fear of philanthropy, the following question is presented in regards to donations and charity: "how much is enough?". A good read with some interesting points.

My adopted philosophy is quite simple: Give out of need, not out of abundance. What I share comes out of my pocket, so I will decide how much based on the gravity of the need. Sticking to some percentage seems far less ... considerate.

Thank You 2006

December 31, 2006 ~ 06:15pm

I have been a little uninspired lately. I could blame plenty of external reasons, but the truth is no one does anything for you, you have to make your own way.

I can't even list all the happenings of the year, most of them I didn't even blog about. There was some "50 Rules to Life" that says visit some place new every year. Well I visited 3 major spots, outside of Germany, the local trips pushed me far outside of my comfort zone and that to me is probably one of the most significant accomplishments I can list for the past decade.

On the "technical" front, I am exuberant over the visitors to my site. And a really big thanks for everyone who supported me technically, financially or just good advice. Its hard to quantify what a few words of encouragement or thanks can yeild. Thank you. All of you. Big or small, I appreciate it. All of it.

And other things, life, work, play, blah blah and all the things I intentionally keep vague. Well I doubt my supervisors or co-workers will ever read this. But you guys cut me a lot more slack than I deserve. Thanks. ... And for all the friends and family who either forget me or remembered me or forget me first then remember me again. Thanks too. ... Lots of cool gifts. I finally got an MP3 player - it only took me 3 years.

And on a more serious note, I feel I contributed more this last year. Hopefully in the future I'll do better. I don't feel like it means much, but I can feel I'm moving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading. Yes, I know I still have errors on my site. Yes, I know I owe many many people pictures. Yes ladies, I'm still single. No guys, it does not play OGG. Yes, I'm supposed to be spending more time developing more sites. And finally - NO - I'm not going to bother with new years resolutions this year. Every day is a new year - just make it so.

Grilled to Perfection

August 15, 2006 ~ 09:44pm

Someone I know once worked at a hardware store and during the summer a few years ago, like any other summer, there were gas grills on sale. So he convinced his father to buy one. His father apparently thought they were a bit too pricey but after some negotiation and discounting, a sale was finally made.

The grill was rather large so I helped him out to transport it and assemble it. Overall it appeared to be a fine product without any serious problems. However upon inspection by his father, he noticed a tiny dent on the lower storage tray. Although not visible unless closely examined, his father found it unacceptable and rather blemished for the price he paid. Functionally, the unit was perfect. Anyways he went back to the store to see if he could get a replacement storage tray or some sort of compensation. Fortunately for him they were able to order one free of charge.

Some weeks later, the replacement tray arrived. After picking it up and showing it to his father both of them were finally satisfied. To conclude the matter his father told him: "Good! Now keep this good tray in storage and leave the dented tray on the grill."