St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2010 ~ 08:16pm

I've always found it a bit ironic that St. Patrick's Day occurs during Lent. Some Catholics (not all) typically forgo some indulgence as a form of discipline and self denial in the 40 days prior to Easter. And some Catholics (not all) create an excuse to allow this holiday of sorts to be an exception to Lent. It can be a further disappointment when St. Patrick's Day happens to coincide with one of the Fridays in Lent - which in NO uncertain terms are deemed as days of fasting and abstinence. Luckily this year that did not happen.

One such season where this it did occur was in the later half of my university years. By chance the Bishop granted dispensation for that Friday in Lent. One could make up their fasting on their own, but essentially everyone could interpret this as a "free ticket". Not considering how silly this may sound to a non-Catholic, I casually mentioned this to my colleagues waiting for lecture to start one morning. Perhaps I added a bit of enthusiasm, I don't know, but I will never forget uttering the sentence that began with: "The Bishop says...". And they didn't allow me to forget it either.

Till the end of the semester, the response to anything I said would always begin with: "Don't worry, the Bishop says it's okay" (or something to that effect). ... It's fine, they weren't really mocking my religion (my Hindu buddies would never do that). Honestly, I thought it was pretty funny too, even though it got on my nerves sometimes.

Anyways, while many surrender their attention to a pint of Killian's, wearing green or perhaps kissing the Blarney Stone - on St. Patrick's Day I am left to ponder what the Bishop might say.

Lenten Sacrifice

February 25, 2009 ~ 11:20pm

Like most Catholic families, when we were growing up my parents always insisted on my siblings and me to sacrifice something during Lent. Typically we would do the most common things: candy, TV or something simple. I'm pretty sure I grasped the significance at an early age, but I don't know exactly when the whole sacrifice idea became so blindly ritualistic. So much so that at times I didn't know what I could do or give that would make a difference, seeing as everyday life was hectic enough.

Every year around this time I always think to myself: I don't really live that decadent of a life. What is there to let go that won't affect my ability to function daily? Even the Friday fasting and abstinence from meat does not seem difficult at all for me. I've lately considered making regular Lenten donations to charity, but often I feel cheap as if I am just paying money to circumvent any true effort on my part.

Honestly I do beleive the all the sacrifices and self discipline serve a very valuable purpose. It can put things into perspective or help us better understand our priorities (not necessarily in a spiritual sense). I guess personally I need an occasional "pause" in my life to simply sit still, turn off everything and do absolutely nothing but reflect. Maybe sacrificing a little time might be worth something this Lent.

Merry Christmas '05

December 25, 2005 ~ 11:12am

Well I just wanted to wish all my friends and family and unknown internet readers a very Merry Christmas. I know that this year has been tough for many so if you stop and think about it, chances are that the simple things you have in life put you well above the millions in poverty, homeless or with broken families today. And even though this day isn't different from others, it's a good day for reflection, whether religious or not.

Well I'm terribly sick at home, but it's a nice home with loving family. I couldn't ask for more.

Passionate Confession

March 25, 2004 ~ 05:07pm

Even though it will be debated as to whether or not Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ will win over any converts, no one can argue that it didn't make people want to repent:

A controversial movie led a man to confess to killing his girlfriend, Fort Bend County deputies told News2Houston Thursday. ... Authorities said that Leach confessed to the crime after seeing Mel Gibson's controversial movie, "The Passion of The Christ" and he decided to seek redemption. He told investigators he staged the killing to look like a suicide.

Could it be just that simple? I don't know.

3/30: Is this a new trend? A burglar gives Confession 2 and a neo-Nazi terrorist gives Confession 3.

Christmas Cheer 2003

December 21, 2003 ~ 02:25pm

I haven't had a chance to update for the past few days. Lots of little events here and there that have been occupying my time. Well the only important thing I need to do is wish everyone some holiday cheer.

For all my friends, family and others I want to wish you all a warm and Merry Christmas. May the miracle of Christ's birth bless you and all those you hold dear. For all travelers, have a safe and happy journey. For all the gift givers, please remember the true meaning of this sacred holiday. And most importantly for all those with nothing ... you are not forgotten.