Christmas Cheer 2003

December 21, 2003 ~ 02:25pm

I haven't had a chance to update for the past few days. Lots of little events here and there that have been occupying my time. Well the only important thing I need to do is wish everyone some holiday cheer.

For all my friends, family and others I want to wish you all a warm and Merry Christmas. May the miracle of Christ's birth bless you and all those you hold dear. For all travelers, have a safe and happy journey. For all the gift givers, please remember the true meaning of this sacred holiday. And most importantly for all those with nothing ... you are not forgotten.

on: December 27, 2003 ~ 07:26pm

i am looking at the back of your head right now, mauriat.

on: December 28, 2003 ~ 11:08pm

wat purpose does x-mas serve to dose on da other side?

on: December 29, 2003 ~ 10:40pm

da other side ... being? poverty? non-believers? ... something to do with the East side?

on: January 5, 2004 ~ 10:24pm

i wont respond to ur inquiry, lest it closes down ur imagination. i try to promote thinking, not indoctrination...