Google Maps Across the Ocean

April 22, 2007 ~ 10:09pm

I saw this in the newspaper and I thought it was pretty funny. Go to Google Maps and get directions for 2 major cities that are separated by an ocean. Say for example New York and London.

Try it for yourself.

Pay close attention to how Google recommends you cross that ocean. And of course don't forget the disclaimer:

These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, or other events may cause road conditions to differ from the map results.

In this case you might be missing your road.


on: April 22, 2007 ~ 11:47pm

Very innovative of Google maps! Had a very very good laugh, and of course, passed it on...


on: May 1, 2007 ~ 11:34am

ROFL!!! It actually says "Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean"!! (I know its cheesy of me to say that, but we all like cheese...) Might be a bit cold for me, so after I print those directions out, I'll go find the rubber ducky instead :-P

a cornellian

on: August 24, 2007 ~ 03:27pm

That hack, sadly, no longer works :(


on: November 5, 2010 ~ 08:24am

I just discovered China and Japan by accident, give it a go!