Quick Trip to India

June 22, 2010 ~ 10:52am

Well "quick" means a little less planned than my usual excursions, and of course, a bit shorter than the past few trips.

This should be quite the interesting experience with many "firsts" for a few different people, and I hope they all manage, seeing as they're not a seasoned desi like me (jk).

I will be intentionally disconnecting from the internets for the whole duration (unlike some BlackBerry toting brethren). So email replies will be a few weeks delayed. Hopefully I won't have any 3G withdrawal symptoms.

Anyways, will report when I get back. Happy start of summer!


on: June 22, 2010 ~ 11:40am

you'll be surprised at 'that' part of the world and the mosquitoes, well ... they've have gotten bigger and don't only such blood :P

Enjoy the beautiful country.


on: July 6, 2010 ~ 10:30am

So how'd this first timer do? A legit desi now? ;)