Thank You 2006

December 31, 2006 ~ 06:15pm

I have been a little uninspired lately. I could blame plenty of external reasons, but the truth is no one does anything for you, you have to make your own way.

I can't even list all the happenings of the year, most of them I didn't even blog about. There was some "50 Rules to Life" that says visit some place new every year. Well I visited 3 major spots, outside of Germany, the local trips pushed me far outside of my comfort zone and that to me is probably one of the most significant accomplishments I can list for the past decade.

On the "technical" front, I am exuberant over the visitors to my site. And a really big thanks for everyone who supported me technically, financially or just good advice. Its hard to quantify what a few words of encouragement or thanks can yeild. Thank you. All of you. Big or small, I appreciate it. All of it.

And other things, life, work, play, blah blah and all the things I intentionally keep vague. Well I doubt my supervisors or co-workers will ever read this. But you guys cut me a lot more slack than I deserve. Thanks. ... And for all the friends and family who either forget me or remembered me or forget me first then remember me again. Thanks too. ... Lots of cool gifts. I finally got an MP3 player - it only took me 3 years.

And on a more serious note, I feel I contributed more this last year. Hopefully in the future I'll do better. I don't feel like it means much, but I can feel I'm moving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading. Yes, I know I still have errors on my site. Yes, I know I owe many many people pictures. Yes ladies, I'm still single. No guys, it does not play OGG. Yes, I'm supposed to be spending more time developing more sites. And finally - NO - I'm not going to bother with new years resolutions this year. Every day is a new year - just make it so.


on: January 12, 2007 ~ 11:39pm

dat it seems like ur takin' my previous comment ta heart...


on: December 1, 2009 ~ 05:24pm

this thank you note is so beautiful and wow... 3 years ago and still sometimes I wonder if we've ever changed?

instead of reading my own work I sometimes go back and read that of others! very insightful.