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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:54 EST.

1	Software emulation of deprecated SWP instruction (CONFIG_SWP_EMULATE)
2	---------------------------------------------------------------------
4	ARMv6 architecture deprecates use of the SWP/SWPB instructions, and recommeds
5	moving to the load-locked/store-conditional instructions LDREX and STREX.
7	ARMv7 multiprocessing extensions introduce the ability to disable these
8	instructions, triggering an undefined instruction exception when executed.
9	Trapped instructions are emulated using an LDREX/STREX or LDREXB/STREXB
10	sequence. If a memory access fault (an abort) occurs, a segmentation fault is
11	signalled to the triggering process.
13	/proc/cpu/swp_emulation holds some statistics/information, including the PID of
14	the last process to trigger the emulation to be invocated. For example:
15	---
16	Emulated SWP:		12
17	Emulated SWPB:		0
18	Aborted SWP{B}:		1
19	Last process:		314
20	---
22	NOTE: when accessing uncached shared regions, LDREX/STREX rely on an external
23	transaction monitoring block called a global monitor to maintain update
24	atomicity. If your system does not implement a global monitor, this option can
25	cause programs that perform SWP operations to uncached memory to deadlock, as
26	the STREX operation will always fail.
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