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Based on kernel version 4.3. Page generated on 2015-11-02 12:44 EST.

1	* ARM Vectored Interrupt Controller
3	One or more Vectored Interrupt Controllers (VIC's) can be connected in an ARM
4	system for interrupt routing.  For multiple controllers they can either be
5	nested or have the outputs wire-OR'd together.
7	Required properties:
9	- compatible : should be one of
10		"arm,pl190-vic"
11		"arm,pl192-vic"
12	- interrupt-controller : Identifies the node as an interrupt controller
13	- #interrupt-cells : The number of cells to define the interrupts.  Must be 1 as
14	  the VIC has no configuration options for interrupt sources.  The cell is a u32
15	  and defines the interrupt number.
16	- reg : The register bank for the VIC.
18	Optional properties:
20	- interrupts : Interrupt source for parent controllers if the VIC is nested.
21	- valid-mask : A one cell big bit mask of valid interrupt sources. Each bit
22	  represents single interrupt source, starting from source 0 at LSb and ending
23	  at source 31 at MSb. A bit that is set means that the source is wired and
24	  clear means otherwise. If unspecified, defaults to all valid.
25	- valid-wakeup-mask : A one cell big bit mask of interrupt sources that can be
26	  configured as wake up source for the system. Order of bits is the same as for
27	  valid-mask property. A set bit means that this interrupt source can be
28	  configured as a wake up source for the system. If unspecied, defaults to all
29	  interrupt sources configurable as wake up sources.
31	Example:
33		vic0: interrupt-controller@60000 {
34			compatible = "arm,pl192-vic";
35			interrupt-controller;
36			#interrupt-cells = <1>;
37			reg = <0x60000 0x1000>;
39			valid-mask = <0xffffff7f>;
40			valid-wakeup-mask = <0x0000ff7f>;
41		};
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