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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:55 EST.

1	* Toshiba Mobile IO SD/MMC controller
3	The tmio-mmc driver doesn't probe its devices actively, instead its binding to
4	devices is managed by either MFD drivers or by the sh_mobile_sdhi platform
5	driver. Those drivers supply the tmio-mmc driver with platform data, that either
6	describe hardware capabilities, known to them, or are obtained by them from
7	their own platform data or from their DT information. In the latter case all
8	compulsory and any optional properties, common to all SD/MMC drivers, as
9	described in mmc.txt, can be used. Additionally the following tmio_mmc-specific
10	optional bindings can be used.
12	Required properties:
13	- compatible:	"renesas,sdhi-shmobile" - a generic sh-mobile SDHI unit
14			"renesas,sdhi-sh73a0" - SDHI IP on SH73A0 SoC
15			"renesas,sdhi-r7s72100" - SDHI IP on R7S72100 SoC
16			"renesas,sdhi-r8a73a4" - SDHI IP on R8A73A4 SoC
17			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7740" - SDHI IP on R8A7740 SoC
18			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7778" - SDHI IP on R8A7778 SoC
19			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7779" - SDHI IP on R8A7779 SoC
20			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7790" - SDHI IP on R8A7790 SoC
21			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7791" - SDHI IP on R8A7791 SoC
22			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7792" - SDHI IP on R8A7792 SoC
23			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7793" - SDHI IP on R8A7793 SoC
24			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7794" - SDHI IP on R8A7794 SoC
25			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7795" - SDHI IP on R8A7795 SoC
26			"renesas,sdhi-r8a7796" - SDHI IP on R8A7796 SoC
28	- clocks: Most controllers only have 1 clock source per channel. However, on
29		  some variations of this controller, the internal card detection
30		  logic that exists in this controller is sectioned off to be run by a
31		  separate second clock source to allow the main core clock to be turned
32		  off to save power.
33		  If 2 clocks are specified by the hardware, you must name them as
34		  "core" and "cd". If the controller only has 1 clock, naming is not
35		  required.
36		  Below is the number clocks for each supported SoC:
37		   1: SH73A0, R8A73A4, R8A7740, R8A7778, R8A7779, R8A7790
38		      R8A7791, R8A7792, R8A7793, R8A7794, R8A7795, R8A7796
39		   2: R7S72100
41	Optional properties:
42	- toshiba,mmc-wrprotect-disable: write-protect detection is unavailable
43	- pinctrl-names: should be "default", "state_uhs"
44	- pinctrl-0: should contain default/high speed pin ctrl
45	- pinctrl-1: should contain uhs mode pin ctrl
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