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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:55 EST.

1	CE4100 Device Tree Bindings
2	---------------------------
4	The CE4100 SoC uses for in core peripherals the following compatible
5	format: <vendor>,<chip>-<device>.
6	Many of the "generic" devices like HPET or IO APIC have the ce4100
7	name in their compatible property because they first appeared in this
8	SoC.
10	The CPU node
11	------------
12		cpu@0 {
13			device_type = "cpu";
14			compatible = "intel,ce4100";
15			reg = <0>;
16			lapic = <&lapic0>;
17		};
19	The reg property describes the CPU number. The lapic property points to
20	the local APIC timer.
22	The SoC node
23	------------
25	This node describes the in-core peripherals. Required property:
26	  compatible = "intel,ce4100-cp";
28	The PCI node
29	------------
30	This node describes the PCI bus on the SoC. Its property should be
31	  compatible = "intel,ce4100-pci", "pci";
33	If the OS is using the IO-APIC for interrupt routing then the reported
34	interrupt numbers for devices is no longer true. In order to obtain the
35	correct interrupt number, the child node which represents the device has
36	to contain the interrupt property. Besides the interrupt property it has
37	to contain at least the reg property containing the PCI bus address and
38	compatible property according to "PCI Bus Binding Revision 2.1".
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