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1	--- What is TOMOYO? ---
3	TOMOYO is a name-based MAC extension (LSM module) for the Linux kernel.
5	LiveCD-based tutorials are available at
6	http://tomoyo.sourceforge.jp/1.7/1st-step/ubuntu10.04-live/
7	http://tomoyo.sourceforge.jp/1.7/1st-step/centos5-live/ .
8	Though these tutorials use non-LSM version of TOMOYO, they are useful for you
9	to know what TOMOYO is.
11	--- How to enable TOMOYO? ---
13	Build the kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY_TOMOYO=y and pass "security=tomoyo" on
14	kernel's command line.
16	Please see http://tomoyo.sourceforge.jp/2.3/ for details.
18	--- Where is documentation? ---
20	User <-> Kernel interface documentation is available at
21	http://tomoyo.sourceforge.jp/2.3/policy-reference.html .
23	Materials we prepared for seminars and symposiums are available at
24	http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/?category_id=532&language_id=1 .
25	Below lists are chosen from three aspects.
27	What is TOMOYO?
28	  TOMOYO Linux Overview
29	    http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/lca2009-takeda.pdf
30	  TOMOYO Linux: pragmatic and manageable security for Linux
31	    http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/freedomhectaipei-tomoyo.pdf
32	  TOMOYO Linux: A Practical Method to Understand and Protect Your Own Linux Box
33	    http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/PacSec2007-en-no-demo.pdf
35	What can TOMOYO do?
36	  Deep inside TOMOYO Linux
37	    http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/lca2009-kumaneko.pdf
38	  The role of "pathname based access control" in security.
39	    http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/lfj2008-bof.pdf
41	History of TOMOYO?
42	  Realities of Mainlining
43	    http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/docs/lfj2008.pdf
45	--- What is future plan? ---
47	We believe that inode based security and name based security are complementary
48	and both should be used together. But unfortunately, so far, we cannot enable
49	multiple LSM modules at the same time. We feel sorry that you have to give up
50	SELinux/SMACK/AppArmor etc. when you want to use TOMOYO.
52	We hope that LSM becomes stackable in future. Meanwhile, you can use non-LSM
53	version of TOMOYO, available at http://tomoyo.sourceforge.jp/1.7/ .
54	LSM version of TOMOYO is a subset of non-LSM version of TOMOYO. We are planning
55	to port non-LSM version's functionalities to LSM versions.
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