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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:56 EST.

1	The additional fields in struct boot_params as a part of 32-bit boot
2	protocol of kernel. These should be filled by bootloader or 16-bit
3	real-mode setup code of the kernel. References/settings to it mainly
4	are in:
6	  arch/x86/include/uapi/asm/bootparam.h
9	Offset	Proto	Name		Meaning
10	/Size
12	000/040	ALL	screen_info	Text mode or frame buffer information
13					(struct screen_info)
14	040/014	ALL	apm_bios_info	APM BIOS information (struct apm_bios_info)
15	058/008	ALL	tboot_addr      Physical address of tboot shared page
16	060/010	ALL	ist_info	Intel SpeedStep (IST) BIOS support information
17					(struct ist_info)
18	080/010	ALL	hd0_info	hd0 disk parameter, OBSOLETE!!
19	090/010	ALL	hd1_info	hd1 disk parameter, OBSOLETE!!
20	0A0/010	ALL	sys_desc_table	System description table (struct sys_desc_table),
21					OBSOLETE!!
22	0B0/010	ALL	olpc_ofw_header	OLPC's OpenFirmware CIF and friends
23	0C0/004	ALL	ext_ramdisk_image ramdisk_image high 32bits
24	0C4/004	ALL	ext_ramdisk_size  ramdisk_size high 32bits
25	0C8/004	ALL	ext_cmd_line_ptr  cmd_line_ptr high 32bits
26	140/080	ALL	edid_info	Video mode setup (struct edid_info)
27	1C0/020	ALL	efi_info	EFI 32 information (struct efi_info)
28	1E0/004	ALL	alk_mem_k	Alternative mem check, in KB
29	1E4/004	ALL	scratch		Scratch field for the kernel setup code
30	1E8/001	ALL	e820_entries	Number of entries in e820_table (below)
31	1E9/001	ALL	eddbuf_entries	Number of entries in eddbuf (below)
32	1EA/001	ALL	edd_mbr_sig_buf_entries	Number of entries in edd_mbr_sig_buffer
33					(below)
34	1EB/001	ALL     kbd_status      Numlock is enabled
35	1EC/001	ALL     secure_boot	Secure boot is enabled in the firmware
36	1EF/001	ALL	sentinel	Used to detect broken bootloaders
37	290/040	ALL	edd_mbr_sig_buffer EDD MBR signatures
38	2D0/A00	ALL	e820_table	E820 memory map table
39					(array of struct e820_entry)
40	D00/1EC	ALL	eddbuf		EDD data (array of struct edd_info)
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