To Deutschland

When I started this blog it was a “fork of thoughts” from my main blog with a focus on software and linux. So how does a trip to Germany fit it? I decided I would try to take note of the basic differences I observed in computing. Granted Windows is used in far more public places that people realize (i.e. flight status monitors), but people don’t realize that Linux is used in just as many in on different scales.

Curious experience with in flight movie service.

When I flew to India in 2004 the airline carrier I flew provided a service similar to television. There were several “channels” which one could browse through and select, so that everyone viewing that same channel would be watching the same thing. However on this trip, the airline carrier had entertainment on demand service. There were several options: Movies, Music, Information and Games. Using your hand control you could watch any movie (fast forward, pause, stop) or select through hundred of songs or a few games. So the network in place had to provide 250 or more(?) unique feeds to passengers. How was this accomplished? Linux of course.

Sadly, I wish I did not know that. Why? The only reason I was able to determine this, was because the in-seat displays would reboot. Often! For a breif moment you could see the Linux penguin on the kernel boot information and then if you knew what you were seeing, there was a flash of the “X” cursor (which is part of the X-server) before the navigation system launched. Once running it was very nice but stabilty is just as nice. My system as well as the person next to me, infront of me and 2 of the 3 main public screens rebooted at least once.

Of course, this is all really irrelevant. A poorly configured system really has nothing to do with its components, but for a multi-million dollar (possibly global) deployment, the bugs should be out of the system! Glad to see Linux out there, but people might get a bad impression. That is … if they knew.

Fedora Core 5 Released

Fedora Core 5 “Bordeaux” is officially released! Please download using the official mirror list or through Bittorrent. The release notes give a comprehensive list of changes. There is also a Fedora Core 5 Tour with some media. Additionally there are some screenshots courtesy of OSdir.

As a warning to early adopters: Some issues in the kernel may require immediate updating (use yum) and the Gnome 2.14 has a great deal of odd behaviour. There are some installation notes to help (based on Test3, updates soon available). Please see my Personal Fedora Core 5 Installation Guide. Stanton Finley also hase some installation notes available, although a bit more than needed for a desktop, they are still a good resource. I imagine the fedora-list mailing list as well as the forum websites will soon start providing support.

An incremental review compared with FC5-Test3 will be available in a few days. Current focus will be to install and get things working first!

Fedora is a good distribution with many problems, but they won’t be fixed without more users! Please download, use and enjoy!

Fedora Core 5 Delayed

According to the Fedora-testing mailing list, Fedora Core 5 will be delayed till March 20.

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we’re going to be unable to keep to the scheduled date of March 15th for the release of FC5 and instead are going to have to make the release date Monday, March 20th. While unfortunate in some ways, this gives us the opportunity to pull in the final GNOME 2.14 tarballs which should be available on Monday assuming the changes are suitably minor.

Jeremy Katz

This is nothing too surprising and seeing as this is only 5 days, there is plenty of time for some finalizing improvements. Gnome 2.14 will be available Marth 15 and since the 2.13.4 beta is already in FC5-test3 I don’t imagine there will be drastic changes (although Gnome developers are a odd bunch).

This gives me more time to prepare for this release as well. My preliminary Personal Fedora Core 5 Installation Guide has been public for a few days now (comments appreciated).