Fedora Core 6 Released

After some rather clunky Test releases, buggy installers and 3 delays, Fedora Core 6 “Zod” is finally released!

The full list of features can be found on the FC6 Release Summary.

Please download using the official mirror list or through Bittorrent. The release notes give a comprehensive list of changes. There is also a Fedora Core 6 Tour with some media.

For more help I’ve create a page to explain to people on How to download Fedora Core.

I have not yet completed my Personal Fedora Core 6 Installation Guide but the current draft should help for people who plan to install immediately.

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  1. arg3t3k

    Your guides rock! I’ve used ’em and have always pointed anyone with issues to your guides. Clean, simple, clear; best on FC x I have seen so far.

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