Firefox SSL Certificates

Using Firefox 3. Very simply, I know that Redhat’s main website ( works perfectly fine. However when I exclude the “www”, and go to the same website:, apparently something is wrong?

I see Secure Connection Failed. (Should I be concerned???)
So I click the “add exception link…”
… which turns into button …
So I click the “Add Exception…” Button
… which opens a dialog
So I click the “Get Certificate” Button
So I can enable the “Confirm Security Exception” Button, so I can click on that.

Who is the genius who came up with that work flow?

Is this misleading? Confusing? I wonder … but you decide for yourself.

I will simply say it is annoying as hell.

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  1. Agreed – incredibly annoying. I’ve already gotten ‘bit’ by this a few times on internal websites at work. The first time around, I thought that the link was invalid (didn’t pay attention to the error page from Firefox).

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