Copy with a Progress Bar

This is something I’ve always thought about looking up myself. Great tip for using pv command for seeing copy progress.


$ cat source/file.img | pv -s 100g -p -e -r > destination/file.img
[ 25MB/s] [==========> ] 13% ETA 0:54:35

Only problem: what package in CentOS includes pv?

Firefox SSL Certificates

Using Firefox 3. Very simply, I know that Redhat’s main website ( works perfectly fine. However when I exclude the “www”, and go to the same website:, apparently something is wrong?

I see Secure Connection Failed. (Should I be concerned???)
So I click the “add exception link…”
… which turns into button …
So I click the “Add Exception…” Button
… which opens a dialog
So I click the “Get Certificate” Button
So I can enable the “Confirm Security Exception” Button, so I can click on that.

Who is the genius who came up with that work flow?

Is this misleading? Confusing? I wonder … but you decide for yourself.

I will simply say it is annoying as hell.

Firefox 3 Release

According to Spread Firefox the official release time for Firefox 3.0 will be at 10AM PST, so 1PM EST (for me). Are you excited? Really excited? Well if you are, I feel sorry for you ;-)

I took a note from Chris Blizzard and cheated by downloading already by typing out the full URL into a mirror (no, I didn’t use a link).

Unfortunately for Fedora 9 users I haven’t seen any notice of an update (Fedora 8 no clue). Perhaps it will be available in a day or so? Still bugs to deal with? There was a tip for Fedora/Linux users:

a) disable "Tell me if the site I'm visiting is a suspected attack site/forgery"
in Preferences->Security
b) remove the urlclassifier* files in ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile
(while FF is not running)

Not sure if it works, I haven’t tested it – yet.

Otherwise as a last general tip for people who are upgrading/updating straight from Firefox 2.0.x to Firefox 3, I would recommend at least backing up your Mozilla/Firefox profile and settings (just in case):

# cp -a ~/.mozilla/ ~/moz_prof_pre_ff3

Windows users (yes, I still use it), back up:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla

Otherwise, I guess FF3 is very nice for the massive updates on the insides (security, rendering, support, speed, memory, etc.) although I find the some of the user interfaces changes annoying as all ‘heck’. I’m sure they’ll grow on me just like I’ve learned to tolerate many of the often bass-ackwards gui changes the Mozilla team has implemented over the years.

Happy Firefox-ing.

New Blog Theme

I am trying out a new theme for this blog. I made it more black-and-white. Also I think it is more consistent with my other more technical pages. I will be revamping the style-sheets and layout on those as well.

In case anyone is wondering, I wrote it from scratch so it may still look a little odd in some browsers. I’d appreciate anyone using less popular browsers to let me know if it looks odd, especially Opera and Webkit/Safari users.

Comments/opinions welcome.


Just for fun … inspired by the Fedora bloggers.

# history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head

On my Fedora 8 box:

481 ls
297 cd
54 vim
24 rm
17 du
12 sudo
12 mv
9 who
9 screen
9 find

On my CentOS 5.1 box:

344 ls
234 cd
54 sudo
29 vim
23 rpm
22 ./annoying_app_i_cant_get_to_work_on_centos5
18 ./configure
16 pwd
15 wget
15 scp

On my web server:

378 ls
213 cd
130 vim
47 grep
39 exit
37 cat
30 diff
14 cp
10 who
9 rm

Bonus points for anyone who can point out interesting things…

Away from the Console

I will be on vacation in India for the remainder of the year and some days into the coming year. I will be unable to answer any emails or provide any help or support for information available on my website. I apologize in advance if I owe you an email or did not respond to you. Please feel free to leave me a message on my contact form, I promise I will respond to it when I return next year.

I will have no linux, no windows – not even a remote SSH session. Internet will be scarce but I welcome the change of pace.

Wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Fedora 8 Released

Do you fear the “Werewolf” * ?

The Fedora project just released Fedora 8 with a great deal of enthusiasm. Fedora had been slipping behind in the past few releases and there have always been quality issues, but the team hopes this release will put them back on track.

The highlights from the Release Summary:


  • PulseAudio – A revamped sound system addressing many of the limitations and problems with older Linux sound systems.
  • CodecBuddy – A tool to help install codecs and multimedia formats that Fedora cannot legally or ethically distribute directly.
  • Compiz / Compiz-Fusion – Improvements on the Linux hardware accelerated user interface including cool effects.


  • Network Manager – significant improvements for wireless network management.
  • Firewall Administration is much more user friendly.
  • Package Manager – You can install software using your media (DVD). Finally! We lost this in Fedora Core 5!
  • PolicyKit – When accessing restricted tasks or hardware you now have a much more user-friendly password prompt
  • Improved Laptop support
  • Improved Bluetooth support
  • Improved power management support


  • Gnome 2.20, KDE 3.5.8, Xfce 4.4.1 (unfortunately KDE4 was delayed by the KDE team)
  • GNOME Online Desktop – An application on the desktop to interface with online applications like GMail, Photobucket, Facebook, EBay, Wikipedia, and countless others
  • New desktop theme


  • IcedTea – This is a Fedora packaged version of the Java that Sun open sourced in the OpenJDK project. Now a working Java plus browser plugin comes included in Fedora.


  • Eclipse 3.3
  • OpenOffice 2.3.0
  • Kernel 2.6.23

You can download Fedora 8 using the standard mirrors or using the Torrent (recommended).

Please user the Fedora-List mailing list or any of the forums for help. There are some basic tips provided in my Personal Fedora 8 Installation Guide which should be updated within the week with the installation.

The release so far looks much more polished than the past few. I hope it is well received!

* – The Werewolf would have been much cooler if the release somehow made it on October 31! Oh well.

UPDATE – NOTE please DO NOT COMMENT here if you have problems with my Install Guide, use the CONTACT form with a proper email address. THANK YOU.