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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:55 EST.

1	A simple common binding for matrix-connected key boards. Currently targeted at
2	defining the keys in the scope of linux key codes since that is a stable and
3	standardized interface at this time.
5	Required properties:
6	- linux,keymap: an array of packed 1-cell entries containing the equivalent
7	  of row, column and linux key-code. The 32-bit big endian cell is packed
8	  as:
9		row << 24 | column << 16 | key-code
11	Optional properties:
12	Properties for the number of rows and columns are optional because some
13	drivers will use fixed values for these.
14	- keypad,num-rows: Number of row lines connected to the keypad controller.
15	- keypad,num-columns: Number of column lines connected to the keypad
16	  controller.
18	Some users of this binding might choose to specify secondary keymaps for
19	cases where there is a modifier key such as a Fn key. Proposed names
20	for said properties are "linux,fn-keymap" or with another descriptive
21	word for the modifier other from "Fn".
23	Example:
24		linux,keymap = < 0x00030012
25				 0x0102003a >;
26		keypad,num-rows = <2>;
27		keypad,num-columns = <8>;
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