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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:56 EST.

1	Operating FCoE using bnx2fc
2	===========================
3	Broadcom FCoE offload through bnx2fc is full stateful hardware offload that
4	cooperates with all interfaces provided by the Linux ecosystem for FC/FCoE and
5	SCSI controllers.  As such, FCoE functionality, once enabled is largely
6	transparent. Devices discovered on the SAN will be registered and unregistered
7	automatically with the upper storage layers.
9	Despite the fact that the Broadcom's FCoE offload is fully offloaded, it does
10	depend on the state of the network interfaces to operate. As such, the network
11	interface (e.g. eth0) associated with the FCoE offload initiator must be 'up'.
12	It is recommended that the network interfaces be configured to be brought up
13	automatically at boot time.
15	Furthermore, the Broadcom FCoE offload solution creates VLAN interfaces to
16	support the VLANs that have been discovered for FCoE operation (e.g.
17	eth0.1001-fcoe).  Do not delete or disable these interfaces or FCoE operation
18	will be disrupted.
20	Driver Usage Model:
21	===================
23	1. Ensure that fcoe-utils package is installed.
25	2. Configure the interfaces on which bnx2fc driver has to operate on.
26	Here are the steps to configure:
27		a. cd /etc/fcoe
28		b. copy cfg-ethx to cfg-eth5 if FCoE has to be enabled on eth5.
29		c. Repeat this for all the interfaces where FCoE has to be enabled.
30		d. Edit all the cfg-eth files to set "no" for DCB_REQUIRED** field, and
31		   "yes" for AUTO_VLAN.
32		e. Other configuration parameters should be left as default
34	3. Ensure that "bnx2fc" is in SUPPORTED_DRIVERS list in /etc/fcoe/config.
36	4. Start fcoe service. (service fcoe start). If Broadcom devices are present in
37	the system, bnx2fc driver would automatically claim the interfaces, starts vlan
38	discovery and log into the targets.
40	5. "Symbolic Name" in 'fcoeadm -i' output would display if bnx2fc has claimed
41	the interface.
42	Eg:
43	[root@bh2 ~]# fcoeadm -i
44	    Description:      NetXtreme II BCM57712 10 Gigabit Ethernet
45	    Revision:         01
46	    Manufacturer:     Broadcom Corporation
47	    Serial Number:    0010186FD558
48	    Driver:           bnx2x 1.70.00-0
49	    Number of Ports:  2
51	        Symbolic Name:     bnx2fc v1.0.5 over eth5.4
52	        OS Device Name:    host11
53	        Node Name:         0x10000010186FD559
54	        Port Name:         0x20000010186FD559
55	        FabricName:        0x2001000DECB3B681
56	        Speed:             10 Gbit
57	        Supported Speed:   10 Gbit
58	        MaxFrameSize:      2048
59	        FC-ID (Port ID):   0x0F0377
60	        State:             Online
62	6. Verify the vlan discovery is performed by running ifconfig and notice
63	<INTERFACE>.<VLAN>-fcoe interfaces are automatically created.
65	Refer to fcoeadm manpage for more information on fcoeadm operations to
66	create/destroy interfaces or to display lun/target information.
68	NOTE:
69	====
70	** Broadcom FCoE capable devices implement a DCBX/LLDP client on-chip. Only one
71	LLDP client is allowed per interface. For proper operation all host software
72	based DCBX/LLDP clients (e.g. lldpad) must be disabled. To disable lldpad on a
73	given interface, run the following command:
75	lldptool set-lldp -i <interface_name> adminStatus=disabled
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