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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:56 EST.

1	IBM s390 QDIO Ethernet Driver
3	OSA and HiperSockets Bridge Port Support
5	Uevents
7	To generate the events the device must be assigned a role of either
8	a primary or a secondary Bridge Port. For more information, see
9	"z/VM Connectivity, SC24-6174".
11	When run on an OSA or HiperSockets Bridge Capable Port hardware, and the state
12	of some configured Bridge Port device on the channel changes, a udev
13	event with ACTION=CHANGE is emitted on behalf of the corresponding
14	ccwgroup device. The event has the following attributes:
16	BRIDGEPORT=statechange -  indicates that the Bridge Port device changed
17	  its state.
19	ROLE={primary|secondary|none} - the role assigned to the port.
21	STATE={active|standby|inactive} - the newly assumed state of the port.
23	When run on HiperSockets Bridge Capable Port hardware with host address
24	notifications enabled, a udev event with ACTION=CHANGE is emitted.
25	It is emitted on behalf of the corresponding ccwgroup device when a host
26	or a VLAN is registered or unregistered on the network served by the device.
27	The event has the following attributes:
29	BRIDGEDHOST={reset|register|deregister|abort} - host address
30	  notifications are started afresh, a new host or VLAN is registered or
31	  deregistered on the Bridge Port HiperSockets channel, or address
32	  notifications are aborted.
34	VLAN=numeric-vlan-id - VLAN ID on which the event occurred. Not included
35	  if no VLAN is involved in the event.
37	MAC=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx - MAC address of the host that is being registered
38	  or deregistered from the HiperSockets channel. Not reported if the
39	  event reports the creation or destruction of a VLAN.
41	NTOK_BUSID=x.y.zzzz - device bus ID (CSSID, SSID and device number).
43	NTOK_IID=xx - device IID.
45	NTOK_CHPID=xx - device CHPID.
47	NTOK_CHID=xxxx - device channel ID.
49	Note that the NTOK_* attributes refer to devices other than  the one
50	connected to the system on which the OS is running.
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