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Based on kernel version 3.8. Page generated on 2013-02-20 22:02 EST.

1	The EtherWORKS 3  driver in this distribution is  designed to  work with all
2	kernels   >  1.1.33   (approx)  and  includes  tools   in  the  'ewrk3tools'
3	subdirectory   to  allow  set   up of   the   card,  similar  to  the  MSDOS
4	'NICSETUP.EXE' tools provided on  the DOS drivers  disk (type 'make' in that
5	subdirectory to make the tools).
7	The supported  cards are DE203,  DE204 and DE205.  All   other cards are NOT
8	supported - refer to 'depca.c' for running the LANCE based network cards and
9	'de4x5.c'  for the  DIGITAL   Semiconductor PCI  chip  based  adapters  from
10	Digital.
12	The ability to load  this driver as a  loadable module has been included and
13	used extensively  during the driver  development (to save those  long reboot
14	sequences). To utilise this ability, you have to do 8 things:
16	    0) have a copy of the loadable modules code installed on your system.
17	    1) copy ewrk3.c from the  /linux/drivers/net directory to your favourite
18	    temporary directory.
19	    2) edit the  source code near  line 1898 to reflect  the I/O address and
20	    IRQ you're using.
21	    3) compile  ewrk3.c, but include -DMODULE in  the command line to ensure
22	    that the correct bits are compiled (see end of source code).
23	    4) if you are wanting to add a new  card, goto 5. Otherwise, recompile a
24	    kernel with the ewrk3 configuration turned off and reboot.
25	    5) insmod ewrk3.o
26	          [Alan Cox: Changed this so you can insmod ewrk3.o irq=x io=y]
27	          [Adam Kropelin: Multiple cards now supported by irq=x1,x2 io=y1,y2]
28	    6) run the net startup bits for your new eth?? interface manually 
29	    (usually /etc/rc.inet[12] at boot time). 
30	    7) enjoy!
32	    Note that autoprobing is not allowed in loadable modules - the system is
33	    already up and running and you're messing with interrupts.
35	    To unload a module, turn off the associated interface 
36	    'ifconfig eth?? down' then 'rmmod ewrk3'.
38	The performance we've  achieved so far  has been measured through the 'ttcp'
39	tool   at 975kB/s.  This  measures  the  total  TCP  stack performance which
40	includes the   card,  so don't  expect   to get   much nearer  the  1.25MB/s
41	theoretical Ethernet rate.
44	Enjoy!
46	Dave
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