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Based on kernel version 4.13.3. Page generated on 2017-09-23 13:54 EST.

1	What:		/sys/firmware/gsmi
2	Date:		March 2011
3	Contact:	Mike Waychison <mikew@google.com>
4	Description:
5			Some servers used internally at Google have firmware
6			that provides callback functionality via explicit SMI
7			triggers.  Some of the callbacks are similar to those
8			provided by the EFI runtime services page, but due to
9			historical reasons this different entry-point has been
10			used.
12			The gsmi driver implements the kernel's abstraction for
13			these firmware callbacks.  Currently, this functionality
14			is limited to handling the system event log and getting
15			access to EFI-style variables stored in nvram.
17			Layout:
19			/sys/firmware/gsmi/vars:
21				This directory has the same layout (and
22				underlying implementation as /sys/firmware/efi/vars.
23				See Documentation/ABI/*/sysfs-firmware-efi-vars
24				for more information on how to interact with
25				this structure.
27			/sys/firmware/gsmi/append_to_eventlog - write-only:
29				This file takes a binary blob and passes it onto
30				the firmware to be timestamped and appended to
31				the system eventlog.  The binary format is
32				interpreted by the firmware and may change from
33				platform to platform.  The only kernel-enforced
34				requirement is that the blob be prefixed with a
35				32bit host-endian type used as part of the
36				firmware call.
38			/sys/firmware/gsmi/clear_config - write-only:
40				Writing any value to this file will cause the
41				entire firmware configuration to be reset to
42				"factory defaults".  Callers should assume that
43				a reboot is required for the configuration to be
44				cleared.
46			/sys/firmware/gsmi/clear_eventlog - write-only:
48				This file is used to clear out a portion/the
49				whole of the system event log.  Values written
50				should be values between 1 and 100 inclusive (in
51				ASCII) representing the fraction of the log to
52				clear.  Not all platforms support fractional
53				clearing though, and this writes to this file
54				will error out if the firmware doesn't like your
55				submitted fraction.
57				Callers should assume that a reboot is needed
58				for this operation to complete.
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