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Based on kernel version 4.9. Page generated on 2016-12-21 14:27 EST.

1	What:		/sys/firmware/devicetree/*
2	Date:		November 2013
3	Contact:	Grant Likely <grant.likely@linaro.org>
4	Description:
5			When using OpenFirmware or a Flattened Device Tree to enumerate
6			hardware, the device tree structure will be exposed in this
7			directory.
9			It is possible for multiple device-tree directories to exist.
10			Some device drivers use a separate detached device tree which
11			have no attachment to the system tree and will appear in a
12			different subdirectory under /sys/firmware/devicetree.
14			Userspace must not use the /sys/firmware/devicetree/base
15			path directly, but instead should follow /proc/device-tree
16			symlink. It is possible that the absolute path will change
17			in the future, but the symlink is the stable ABI.
19			The /proc/device-tree symlink replaces the devicetree /proc
20			filesystem support, and has largely the same semantics and
21			should be compatible with existing userspace.
23			The contents of /sys/firmware/devicetree/ is a
24			hierarchy of directories, one per device tree node. The
25			directory name is the resolved path component name (node
26			name plus address). Properties are represented as files
27			in the directory. The contents of each file is the exact
28			binary data from the device tree.
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