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1	What:		/sys/fs/ocfs2/
2	Date:		April 2008
3	Contact:	ocfs2-devel@oss.oracle.com
4	Description:
5			The /sys/fs/ocfs2 directory contains knobs used by the
6			ocfs2-tools to interact with the filesystem.
8	What:		/sys/fs/ocfs2/max_locking_protocol
9	Date:		April 2008
10	Contact:	ocfs2-devel@oss.oracle.com
11	Description:
12			The /sys/fs/ocfs2/max_locking_protocol file displays version
13			of ocfs2 locking supported by the filesystem.  This version
14			covers how ocfs2 uses distributed locking between cluster
15			nodes.
17			The protocol version has a major and minor number.  Two
18			cluster nodes can interoperate if they have an identical
19			major number and an overlapping minor number - thus,
20			a node with version 1.10 can interoperate with a node
21			sporting version 1.8, as long as both use the 1.8 protocol.
23			Reading from this file returns a single line, the major
24			number and minor number joined by a period, eg "1.10".
26			This file is read-only.  The value is compiled into the
27			driver.
29	What:		/sys/fs/ocfs2/loaded_cluster_plugins
30	Date:		April 2008
31	Contact:	ocfs2-devel@oss.oracle.com
32	Description:
33			The /sys/fs/ocfs2/loaded_cluster_plugins file describes
34			the available plugins to support ocfs2 cluster operation.
35			A cluster plugin is required to use ocfs2 in a cluster.
36			There are currently two available plugins:
38			* 'o2cb' - The classic o2cb cluster stack that ocfs2 has
39				used since its inception.
40			* 'user' - A plugin supporting userspace cluster software
41				in conjunction with fs/dlm.
43			Reading from this file returns the names of all loaded
44			plugins, one per line.
46			This file is read-only.  Its contents may change as
47			plugins are loaded or removed.
49	What:		/sys/fs/ocfs2/active_cluster_plugin
50	Date:		April 2008
51	Contact:	ocfs2-devel@oss.oracle.com
52	Description:
53			The /sys/fs/ocfs2/active_cluster_plugin displays which
54			cluster plugin is currently in use by the filesystem.
55			The active plugin will appear in the loaded_cluster_plugins
56			file as well.  Only one plugin can be used at a time.
58			Reading from this file returns the name of the active plugin
59			on a single line.
61			This file is read-only.  Which plugin is active depends on
62			the cluster stack in use.  The contents may change
63			when all filesystems are unmounted and the cluster stack
64			is changed.
66	What:		/sys/fs/ocfs2/cluster_stack
67	Date:		April 2008
68	Contact:	ocfs2-devel@oss.oracle.com
69	Description:
70			The /sys/fs/ocfs2/cluster_stack file contains the name
71			of current ocfs2 cluster stack.  This value is set by
72			userspace tools when bringing the cluster stack online.
74			Cluster stack names are 4 characters in length.
76			When the 'o2cb' cluster stack is used, the 'o2cb' cluster
77			plugin is active.  All other cluster stacks use the 'user'
78			cluster plugin.
80			Reading from this file returns the name of the current
81			cluster stack on a single line.
83			Writing a new stack name to this file changes the current
84			cluster stack unless there are mounted ocfs2 filesystems.
85			If there are mounted filesystems, attempts to change the
86			stack return an error.
88	Users:
89		ocfs2-tools <ocfs2-tools-devel@oss.oracle.com>
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