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Based on kernel version 4.16.1. Page generated on 2018-04-09 11:53 EST.

1	Kernel driver ibmaem
2	======================
4	This driver talks to the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, known
5	henceforth as AEM.
7	Supported systems:
8	  * Any recent IBM System X server with AEM support.
9	    This includes the x3350, x3550, x3650, x3655, x3755, x3850 M2,
10	    x3950 M2, and certain HC10/HS2x/LS2x/QS2x blades.  The IPMI host interface
11	    driver ("ipmi-si") needs to be loaded for this driver to do anything.
12	    Prefix: 'ibmaem'
13	    Datasheet: Not available
15	Author: Darrick J. Wong
17	Description
18	-----------
20	This driver implements sensor reading support for the energy and power meters
21	available on various IBM System X hardware through the BMC.  All sensor banks
22	will be exported as platform devices; this driver can talk to both v1 and v2
23	interfaces.  This driver is completely separate from the older ibmpex driver.
25	The v1 AEM interface has a simple set of features to monitor energy use.  There
26	is a register that displays an estimate of raw energy consumption since the
27	last BMC reset, and a power sensor that returns average power use over a
28	configurable interval.
30	The v2 AEM interface is a bit more sophisticated, being able to present a wider
31	range of energy and power use registers, the power cap as set by the AEM
32	software, and temperature sensors.
34	Special Features
35	----------------
37	The "power_cap" value displays the current system power cap, as set by the AEM
38	software.  Setting the power cap from the host is not currently supported.
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