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Based on kernel version 4.16.1. Page generated on 2018-04-09 11:53 EST.

1	Kernel Driver IBMPOWERNV
2	========================
4	Supported systems:
5	  * Any recent IBM P servers based on POWERNV platform
7	Author: Neelesh Gupta
9	Description
10	-----------
12	This driver implements reading the platform sensors data like temperature/fan/
13	voltage/power for 'POWERNV' platform.
15	The driver uses the platform device infrastructure. It probes the device tree
16	for sensor devices during the __init phase and registers them with the 'hwmon'.
17	'hwmon' populates the 'sysfs' tree having attribute files, each for a given
18	sensor type and its attribute data.
20	All the nodes in the DT appear under "/ibm,opal/sensors" and each valid node in
21	the DT maps to an attribute file in 'sysfs'. The node exports unique 'sensor-id'
22	which the driver uses to make an OPAL call to the firmware.
24	Usage notes
25	-----------
26	The driver is built statically with the kernel by enabling the config
27	CONFIG_SENSORS_IBMPOWERNV. It can also be built as module 'ibmpowernv'.
29	Sysfs attributes
30	----------------
32	fanX_input		Measured RPM value.
33	fanX_min		Threshold RPM for alert generation.
34	fanX_fault		0: No fail condition
35				1: Failing fan
36	tempX_input		Measured ambient temperature.
37	tempX_max		Threshold ambient temperature for alert generation.
38	inX_input		Measured power supply voltage
39	inX_fault		0: No fail condition.
40				1: Failing power supply.
41	power1_input		System power consumption (microWatt)
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