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Based on kernel version 4.16.1. Page generated on 2018-04-09 11:53 EST.

1	Kernel driver max31790
2	======================
4	Supported chips:
5	  * Maxim MAX31790
6	    Prefix: 'max31790'
7	    Addresses scanned: -
8	    Datasheet: http://pdfserv.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/MAX31790.pdf
10	Author: Il Han <corone.il.han@gmail.com>
13	Description
14	-----------
16	This driver implements support for the Maxim MAX31790 chip.
18	The MAX31790 controls the speeds of up to six fans using six independent
19	PWM outputs. The desired fan speeds (or PWM duty cycles) are written
20	through the I2C interface. The outputs drive "4-wire" fans directly,
21	or can be used to modulate the fan's power terminals using an external
22	pass transistor.
24	Tachometer inputs monitor fan tachometer logic outputs for precise (+/-1%)
25	monitoring and control of fan RPM as well as detection of fan failure.
26	Six pins are dedicated tachometer inputs. Any of the six PWM outputs can
27	also be configured to serve as tachometer inputs.
30	Sysfs entries
31	-------------
33	fan[1-12]_input    RO  fan tachometer speed in RPM
34	fan[1-12]_fault    RO  fan experienced fault
35	fan[1-6]_target    RW  desired fan speed in RPM
36	pwm[1-6]_enable    RW  regulator mode, 0=disabled, 1=manual mode, 2=rpm mode
37	pwm[1-6]           RW  fan target duty cycle (0-255)
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