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Based on kernel version 3.13. Page generated on 2014-01-20 22:01 EST.

1	NVIDIA Tegra20/Tegra30/Tegra114 I2C controller driver.
3	Required properties:
4	- compatible : should be:
5		"nvidia,tegra114-i2c"
6		"nvidia,tegra30-i2c"
7		"nvidia,tegra20-i2c"
8		"nvidia,tegra20-i2c-dvc"
9	  Details of compatible are as follows:
10	  nvidia,tegra20-i2c-dvc: Tegra20 has specific I2C controller called as DVC I2C
11		controller. This only support master mode of I2C communication. Register
12		interface/offset and interrupts handling are different than generic I2C
13		controller. Driver of DVC I2C controller is only compatible with
14		"nvidia,tegra20-i2c-dvc".
15	  nvidia,tegra20-i2c: Tegra20 has 4 generic I2C controller. This can support
16		master and slave mode of I2C communication. The i2c-tegra driver only
17		support master mode of I2C communication. Driver of I2C controller is
18		only compatible with "nvidia,tegra20-i2c".
19	  nvidia,tegra30-i2c: Tegra30 has 5 generic I2C controller. This controller is
20		very much similar to Tegra20 I2C controller with additional feature:
21		Continue Transfer Support. This feature helps to implement M_NO_START
22		as per I2C core API transfer flags. Driver of I2C controller is
23		compatible with "nvidia,tegra30-i2c" to enable the continue transfer
24		support. This is also compatible with "nvidia,tegra20-i2c" without
25		continue transfer support.
26	  nvidia,tegra114-i2c: Tegra114 has 5 generic I2C controller. This controller is
27		very much similar to Tegra30 I2C controller with some hardware
28		modification:
29		 - Tegra30/Tegra20 I2C controller has 2 clock source called div-clk and
30		   fast-clk. Tegra114 has only one clock source called as div-clk and
31		   hence clock mechanism is changed in I2C controller.
32		 - Tegra30/Tegra20 I2C controller has enabled per packet transfer by
33		   default and there is no way to disable it. Tegra114 has this
34		   interrupt disable by default and SW need to enable explicitly.
35		Due to above changes, Tegra114 I2C driver makes incompatible with
36		previous hardware driver. Hence, tegra114 I2C controller is compatible
37		with "nvidia,tegra114-i2c".
38	- reg: Should contain I2C controller registers physical address and length.
39	- interrupts: Should contain I2C controller interrupts.
40	- address-cells: Address cells for I2C device address.
41	- size-cells: Size of the I2C device address.
42	- clocks: Clock ID as per
43			Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/tegra<chip-id>.txt
44		for I2C controller.
45	- clock-names: Name of the clock:
46		Tegra20/Tegra30 I2C controller: "div-clk and "fast-clk".
47		Tegra114 I2C controller: "div-clk".
49	Example:
51		i2c@7000c000 {
52			compatible = "nvidia,tegra20-i2c";
53			reg = <0x7000c000 0x100>;
54			interrupts = <0 38 0x04>;
55			#address-cells = <1>;
56			#size-cells = <0>;
57			clocks = <&tegra_car 12>, <&tegra_car 124>;
58			clock-names = "div-clk", "fast-clk";
59			status = "disabled";
60		};
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