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Based on kernel version 3.13. Page generated on 2014-01-20 22:00 EST.

1	* ARM Versatile FPGA interrupt controller
3	One or more FPGA IRQ controllers can be synthesized in an ARM reference board
4	such as the Integrator or Versatile family. The output of these different
5	controllers are OR:ed together and fed to the CPU tile's IRQ input. Each
6	instance can handle up to 32 interrupts.
8	Required properties:
9	- compatible: "arm,versatile-fpga-irq"
10	- interrupt-controller: Identifies the node as an interrupt controller
11	- #interrupt-cells: The number of cells to define the interrupts.  Must be 1
12	  as the FPGA IRQ controller has no configuration options for interrupt
13	  sources.  The cell is a u32 and defines the interrupt number.
14	- reg: The register bank for the FPGA interrupt controller.
15	- clear-mask: a u32 number representing the mask written to clear all IRQs
16	  on the controller at boot for example.
17	- valid-mask: a u32 number representing a bit mask determining which of
18	  the interrupts are valid. Unconnected/unused lines are set to 0, and
19	  the system till not make it possible for devices to request these
20	  interrupts.
22	Example:
24	pic: pic@14000000 {
25	        compatible = "arm,versatile-fpga-irq";
26	        #interrupt-cells = <1>;
27	        interrupt-controller;
28	        reg = <0x14000000 0x100>;
29	        clear-mask = <0xffffffff>;
30	        valid-mask = <0x003fffff>;
31	};
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